/Crystals for Truth: Clear Your Mind to Speak Your Truth

Crystals for Truth: Clear Your Mind to Speak Your Truth

Energy blocks can result from a negative self-image, past experiences and many other underlying issues. Working with healing crystals for truth can benefit your spirit by gently guiding you to reflect and assess these issues.

The more you grant yourself the confidence, compassion and respect to feel that your emotions are valid, the more empowered you’ll feel to address them. This ritual for speaking your truth uses crystals for conscious communication to help you be candid with yourself and others. We’ve all experienced a time when we neglected to resolve a problem with someone, allowed our feelings about the issue to build, and wound up exploding on them later about something insignificant that was really about the initial problem we had. Checking in with yourself through this easy ritual with healing crystals for truth will help you to release steam, and find a thoughtful way to express your feelings as they arise.

For this ritual, you’ll need one of the following healing crystals for truth: azurite, aqua aura quartz, celestite, lapis lazuli or amazonite. These crystals for communication are important for soothing the anxiety that builds before confrontation. Working with honesty crystals can reframe your perception away from finger pointing, so that you can express yourself in a calm, concise and compassionate way.

A Ritual to Help You Speak Your Truth

What you’ll need:

  • your favorite blue gemstone (i.e. azurite, aqua aura quartz, celestite, lapis lazuli or amazonite)
  • a piece of paper + pen

Speak Your Truth Ritual Steps:

  1. The best way to speak your truth with others is to practice with yourself first. Give yourself 30 minutes in the morning to do this ritual. Start by grabbing a pen, a piece of paper and your chosen crystal.
  2. In your non-writing hand, hold your crystal, and then, begin free writing. Write down all of the things going on in your head. Don’t think, don’t critique—just write. Clear your inner dialogue. Get rid of the judgements, and tap into your stream of consciousness. Write until all your thoughts are out, and you’ve filled up the page.
  3. Rip the paper up. Don’t save it. This isn’t a journal that you’ll look back on to gain perspective. This is a practice in release, being honest, and getting your thoughts out without hesitating or holding back. Throw the pieces of the paper in the trash. When you do this, it clears the mind of things you just needed to put out there. It can help to cleanse you of the angry, bitter or petty emotions, so that you can approach the rest of the day from a more elevated, clear and calm state of expression. Do this a few times a week, and see if you feel the difference! It opens you up to be able to speak your truth.